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Thirty Great Reasons To Send Flowers


The good news: The reasons to send flowers are endless!  

And the message is often obvious, so a card may not even be necessary! Perfect, yes? That may be why florists are so busy sending flowers to family, friends, loved ones, business associates, neighbors, husbands and wives.

There is just something special about receiving flowers! 

Convenience is another reason flowers are such a popular gift.

Locating a florist online is easier than ever: Choose the florist, type in your floral wishes with your note,and your flowers are on their way! Most florists will deliver the same day you send in your request if it is before 1 PM. A call directly to an accommodating florist may provide you a delivery guarantee withing a couple of hours. This has always been an amazing service, and may well be why local florist are thriving. 

So let's look at the most popular reasons to send flowers: 


30 Great Reasons to Give Flowers:

1. Saying "Happy Birthday"

2. A sincere apology.

3. Welcoming a "New Baby".

4. Anniversary celebration

5. Saying "I love you" for your Mother on Mother's Day

6. Meeting your girlfriend's Mother for the first time.

7. Sympathy - Saying "I'm sorry " for your loss.

8. Congrats to someone on exam success.

9. Saying "Goodbye" if someone is moving away.

10.To celebrate the Anniversary of your "first date". 

11. Flowers for winning a prize in a competition.

12. Cheering up your best friend.

13. Letting your elderly neighbor know you care.

14. Teaching moment for your young son; you purchase, and he gives flowers to a first girlfriend.

15. Teacher Appreciation.

17. Taking to a loved one in the hospital.

18. Leaving the job-flowers to a colleague moving on.

19.  Appreciation for a job well done.

20. Celebrating the first day of spring.

21. "Happy Birthday" wishes.

22. Making an impression on your new love on Valentine's Day.

23. Because the flowers are on SALE !

24. As an alternative to chocolate.or a dinner out.

24. Saying "Merry Christmas" from afar.

25. For the altar at Church in memory of a loved one.

26. From your "Secret Admirer".

27. Congratulations on an engagement.

28. Because YOU deserve it!

29. Death of a pet.

30. Just because, probably the best reason ever!

You can send me flowers if you want to.......

Bloom where you are planted.

     Happiness blooms from within.

         Live on coffee and flowers.

             The earth laughs in flowers.

                  I must have flowers and wine.

                      No rain, no flowers.

                           A rose is the silent language of love.

                                 All the flowers of tomorrow are the seeds of today..............   

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