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Birth Month Flowers And Their Special Meaning


Birthdays are one of the best occasions to send a loved one flowers. Whether you opt for a simple bouquet or you go all out and order balloons and a cake as well, it is a true joy to give the gift of flowers for someone’s birthday.

As your local South Burlington florist, we absolutely love helping make someone’s birthday a special time. Nothing brings us more joy than knowing we are delivering fresh and beautiful flowers to someone as they celebrate another year of life.

This year as you think about giving birthday flowers to someone you love, take the time to get to know each month’s birth flower and the special meaning behind these pretty petals.


During the cold month of January, for those who were born, two flowers hold the place as the birth month flower — the carnation and the snowdrop. Both of these flowers are delicate and convey the meaning of love and distinction.


February is a month well-known for its display of flowers and love. During this month, the birth flower is the primrose. This delicate and dainty flower represents modesty and virtue.


As the cold weather lessens, March enters the scene with its birth flower — the daffodil. This bright flower represents all that spring means, rebirth and happiness.


April reminds us of light and warmth. This month’s birth flower, the sweet pea, reflects the delicate nature of April. The meaning behind the sweet pea flower is a blissful pleasure.


During the month of May, two birth flowers take center stage — the hawthorn and the lily of the valley. These delightful flowers represent happiness and sweetness.


With the onset of summer come the June birth flowers — rose and honeysuckle. Both sweet and aromatic blooms, these flowers represent deep love and appreciation for another.


As summer wanes on, July brings the water lily and larkspur. These birth flowers represent the nature of the season, joy and sweetness.


With the summer coming to an end, Augst’s birth flowers are the poppy and gladiolus. These bright flowers represent moral integrity and values.


As the air becomes crisp, September’s flowers are the morning glory and aster. These delightful flowers represent daintiness, magic, and love.


With fall in full swing, the flowers of October are the calendula and marigold. With their gold and orange hues, these flowers represent grace, protection, healing, and lovability.


November brings to center stage the birth flowers chrysanthemum and peony. These eye-catching beauties represent cheerfulness, abundance, and friendship — fitting for the season of thanks.


Ending the year, December’s birth flowers are the holly and narcissus. Holly represents the sweetness of this holiday season and narcissus symbolizes self-esteem.

Order Birthday Flowers Today

As you can see, each month provides a unique and meaningful birth flower that can make the perfect birthday gift. If someone you love is about to celebrate another year, consider purchasing a floral arrangement that represents their birth month. As your South Burlington florist, we will be happy to help you make this gift a reality.

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