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I Would Love My Flowers To Last Longer.....

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It's not everyday you receive flowers. We frugal folks have inquiring minds and love to know how to extend the life          of our beautiful flowers. Let's talk about it:


  Fresh Flower Care and Handling:

1. It's seems intuitive, but always place flowers in a clean vase.

2.Flowers like a deep drink so fill to top of vase and add more water daily.

3. Always use warm water. Flowers take up warm water more efficiently, so it's crucial for the first drink.

4.Only use flower food. It is the perfect concoction, tested by professionals. Do not overdose - mix as directed.

5. It's obvious - the stems require cutting, as they have dried on their way to their destination. Remove all leaves below the water (to avoid soiling the water), and cut stems on an angle. Place in vase immediately.

 Place flowers in a favorite spot to enjoy, but the cooler the better; keep out of direct sun (they won't grow). If you have a low profile bouquet, place in the refrigerator overnight, and bring out during the day. This extends the life!

 7.  Change the water completely if it is cloudy. Recutting the stems every few days keeps the stem ends with fresh open pores. Cut an inch off for best results.

8. Not all flowers have the same life. Extend your enjoyment by tossing tired ones and redesigning with the remaining fresh ones. 

        Enjoy your flowers! 

            Longer than ever!

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