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​Brighten Up Your December With Christmas Flowers From Your Local Flower Shop!

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Thanksgiving is coming up, and our flower shop is going to be sending out Thanksgiving centerpieces all over the Burlington area. We’re happy to be a part of so many Thanksgiving traditions by supplying fresh flower arrangements for the national holiday.

But as nice as Thanksgiving flowers are, it’s hard to beat the Christmas flowers that we offer in our flower store. After all, Thanksgiving is thought of in terms of days. Christmas is seen as more of a season. That means you can order your flowers and plants early and enjoy them throughout December. This is made all the more possible because many Christmas flowers will last throughout the month!

Why Christmas Flowers?

You might be wondering why there are Christmas flowers in the first place. After all, you don’t hear much about New Year’s Flowers or 4th of July flowers.

First of all, Christmas is a time of decorating for most people, and as people are decorating they’re looking for ways to liven up their living space with living plants. Second, Christmas represents a season of giving, and flowers are often a gift that people give others (and themselves!). Finally, as Christmas is right in the heart of winter, it’s a time when people start to miss having green plants and fresh flowers around.

What Are The Most Common?

There’s no doubt that poinsettias as the most common type of plant/flower to be seen around the Christmas holiday. Poinsettias are an excellent choice because they have the red and green colors most associated with Christmas, and they make excellent gifts because they last so long, sometimes for years. Many people also order them to be displayed at church and then take them home later.

Popular fresh flowers at Christmas include white roses, red roses, and white lilies. Amaryllis has also come to be known as a Christmas flower, and of course there are Christmas wreaths that people order for themselves and others.

What Can We Offer You?

We have quite a variety of options, whether you’re interested in sending flowers and other greenery to a loved one or need one for you own home. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular.

Centerpieces - If you’re hosting the holiday meal, or are visiting someone and want to bring an arrangement to brighten their table, consider a centerpiece. We have Christmas centerpieces made from conifers, lilies, and roses that will make a gorgeous addition to the holidays.

Wreaths - When you hang a wreath on your door, people don’t even have to wait until they get indoors to enjoy your holiday spirit!

Small Christmas Trees - If you’re not interested in a full-size tree and simply don’t like the plastic varieties, our miniature Christmas trees are a great option. Tabletop versions available!

Floral Arrangements - Not interested in anything evergreen? There are a great many options in Christmas arrangements using those holiday flowers we mentioned above. Find them right here.

Whether you’re looking for fresh flowers, a potted poinsettia, or something more evergreen-y, Chappell’s is here to make your home, or a loved one's home, more festive. Merry Christmas!

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