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Guide To Summer Flowers


We’re in the middle of summer, and you know what that means: summer flowers! What better way to kick off the Fourth of July than with some festive summer flowers? Chappell’s Florist has you covered! If you’re looking for a flower shop in Burlington, then look no further! We have an amazing selection of summer flowers for you to choose from. So, let’s take a look, shall we?

What Are Summer Flowers?

You might be wondering what makes summer flowers different from other types of seasonal flowers. There’s no quick and easy answer for this, since a lot of it will boil down to your personal style and taste. The two biggest things that mark seasonal floral arrangements are the flowers that are in season and the general color patterns.

When it comes to summer flowers, there’s nothing that says summer quite like bright and beautiful colors! Of course, flowers in general tend to have bright and beautiful colors. Just look around any flower shop. You’ll find no shortage of brightness — regardless of the time of year. During the summer, however, you can find floral arrangements that are put together to maximize their bright and summery look. Let’s look at some examples!

Jolly Sunbeam Sunshine Flowers

What says summertime more than the sunflower? There’s perhaps no flower that’s more iconic during the summer. A quick route to making your floral arrangement have that summer feel then is to add in the brilliant yellows of the sunflower.

A great example of this is our Jolly Sunbeam Sunshine Flowers. This arrangement from our flower shop in Burlington brings together the iconic sunflower with the elegance of yellow roses. And it’s all set against the grassy greens of the filler plants. Now that says summertime!

So Happy Bouquet

Speaking of brilliant yellows, you can’t go wrong with our So Happy Bouquet (which just so happens to be at a special price right now!). This arrangement uses yellow roses along with white and yellow daisy chrysanthemums to bring you a playful and simple feel. After all, what better way to describe the ideal summer? The playfulness is amped up with our adorable smiley-face teacup flower pot. This is the perfect summer gift.

Butterfly Blossoms Vase

There’s more to summer flowers than just yellow! In fact, you can kick off your Independence Day with a floral arrangement that captures the dazzling effect of a fireworks display. There are lots of colorful options for this, but we recommend our Butterfly Blossoms Vase. This arrangement brings together vibrant fresh flowers in a circular design. Not only do you get a variety of colors, but you also top it off with the festive blue of our butterfly! This is the perfect decoration for your Fourth of July BBQs!

Scented Lilies

Summer is meant to be simple and fun. You don’t want all of your plants to be typical summer flowers, though. You can get outside the box with our Scented Lilies. These will not only bring some lovely floral perfumes into your home, but they will also add a charming elegance that simply can’t be beat. Lilies are renowned for their fragrance and beauty. Guests will be immediately struck with a sense of summertime with these in your home.

Summer Flowers

This is just the start. You can check out our summer flower collection for all sorts of delightful and eye-catching floral designs. Visit our online flower shop to make your summer beautiful. Some of our other favorite summer flowers include:

We have a huge selection of summer flowers. Visit our online flower shop to get yours today!

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