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Flowers For Father’s Day


When it comes to celebrating the parents in our lives with flowers and flower arrangements, Mother’s Day has a total monopoly. But your favorite flower shop in Burlington is here to shake things up with a reminder that dads love flowers too!

With Father’s Day right around the corner (it’s this weekend — don’t forget!), Chappell’s Florist wanted to put together some ideas for flowers for the fathers in your life! Flower arrangements can be the main gift, or the perfect complement to other gifts! Today, we will take a look at some things to consider when buying flowers for dad on this special day.

Men Love Flowers Too

It’s unfortunate that it’s such a common idea that flowers are only for girls and women. This is definitely not true! The beauty of a flower can be universally appreciated, regardless of your gender. That being said, there are some general trends as far as what men and women gravitate toward when it comes to flowers.

Think Outside The Box

This Burlington flower shop has what you need to think outside the box. We provide a huge range of flowers, floral arrangements, balloons, chocolates, gourmet baskets, and more. You won’t be left with a dearth of choices, that’s for sure.

When deciding on flowers for Father’s Day, you might want to consider flowers that are on the bolder side. Ultimately, you can’t go wrong with flowers (all flowers have their own unique beauty), but the fathers in your life might be interested in atypical flowers and flower arrangements.

Bold Choices

So, what are some potential bold choices for dads? A good place to start might be our High Style and Tropical Collection. These flowers bring elegance to any room. They will be sure to bring a smile to dad’s face.

Our Now and Zen arrangement is pure panache. It brings together the boldness of tropical flowers to create a truly unforgettable look. Order soon though, as we request a five-day grace period for this special arrangement! Luckily, it’s the type of arrangement that works all through the year. You don’t need an excuse for these.

For a more understated but equally zen choice, you can’t go wrong with our Zen Oasis arrangement. These arrangements are bold, calming, meditative, and perfect for dad.

Flowers and Plants

If the idea of specifically flowers still seems a bit odd for your Father’s Day gift, you certainly can’t go wrong with other kinds of plants. Check out our selection of plant products to find the perfect gift for dad this weekend.

It’s time that we started getting flowers for everyone and anyone! Who doesn’t love the timeless charm of a rose? Who doesn’t appreciate the grace of orchids? How can you stop yourself from getting wrapped up in the brilliant whimsy of the daisy? Don’t be afraid to get some flowers this Father’s Day, and on any occasion. Visit your favorite Burlington flower shop today!

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